Start-Catalyst™ Desulfurization

Start-Catalyst™ Process Flow

Start-Catalyst™ is an innovative new technology for desulfurization of oil and gas that dramatically reduce desulfurization cost while providing a better purification that other methods in the market. Start-Catalyst™ can produced product purity up to 1ppb in 1 to 2 stages of direct oxidation, as opposed to approximately 200ppb in 8 to 11 stages when using the best technologies in the market; at a 3 to 10 times lower cost of ownership.

Start-Catalyst™ is the product of Russian innovation, which has been tested and proven in a number of pilot projects in Russia. Both the technology and the catalyst itself are patented, and provided to the Egyptian market through El-Eman Inspection and Corrosion Services.

Start-Catalyst™ Stages Start-Catalyst™ Financial Operating Costs Forecast
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