Phonon Diagnostics Technique, PDT, Real Time Inspection

PDT Inspection Overview

Phonon Diagnostics Technique, PDT, is a cutting-edge technique in the NDT market. Utilizing PDT enables real-time inspection for pipelines, tanks and vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, offshore platforms legs and its equipment, and risers, etc., without interference with the operating process. When implementing the PDT, all metal loss, leaks and/or cracks can be detected in real-time.

PDT was first implemented in 1973 in the Soviet Union military industry for the testing of nuclear submarines at SEVMASH Plant in Severodvinsk City, Russia. In 1997 DIATECH acquired the patent for Phonon Diagnostics Technique, and introduced it to the commercial use.

DIATECH holds the world-wide patent for the PDT process, and is the sole provider for the technology, and El-Eman CS is the exclusive supplier of the PDT inspection services in Egypt, providing this advanced technique for our clients in the oil and gas industry.

Advantages of PDT Inspection

  • Inspection without interference with operating process,
  • Real-time inspection,
  • Detection of metal loss, leaks and/or cracks,
  • Inspection of the hard-to-reach facilities,
  • 100% coverage of the inspected object,
  • High accuracy in detecting defects,
  • Minimum preparatory work,

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