Magnetic Tomography Method, MTM, Inspection

MTM Inspection Overview

Magnetic Tomography Method, MTM, is an innovative non-intrusive, non-contact method of inspecting pipelines constructed from ferrous materials. It provides 100% inspection of pipelines, and it has been proven in the industry since 2001.

The basis of MTM integrity concept is the fact that it is not defects themselves that are dangerous for metal and constructions, but local combination of defects and high stress is. MTM is capable of remote detection of stress concentration spots in pipe metal by analyzing its magnetic field. It detects areas with stress concentrators (defects and locally applies forces) and determines the danger degree of these areas

MTM identifies and analyzes magnetic field anomalies in areas with stress concentration, which can result from defects/changes in structural conditions, excessive mechanical stress or a combination of both. In addition to identifying such anomalies, utilizing MTM analysis predicts the causes and advices the need for follow-up actions.

Advantages of MTM Inspection

  • No interruption of pipeline operation,
  • No special pipeline preparation,
  • No necessary contact with pipeline surface or changing mode of operation. NO launch and trap areas for pigs (or searching in case of a stuck pig),
  • No pipeline cleaning,
  • No special preparation of internal surface,
  • Efficient for micro crack search in welds at high-load areas in new pipelines,
  • No blind spots all over the pipeline length,
  • No interruptions at pipeline bends, turns etc.,
  • Hi speed of scanning: up to 5 km/h,
  • Omni-applicable for all types of pipelines,
  • Detects all types of anomalies inside and outside of the pipe,
  • Indicates stress concentration at locations of "insignificantly small" defect that cannot be figured out by other non-destructive testing methods and that in turn appear to be high-risk anomalies (experimentally proven).
  • Precision of MTM evaluations has a 90-97% correspondence with conventional methods of СНИП, DNV, ASME, API FEM, wherever the respective standards are applicable.

Using MTM inspection technology identifies a wide group of anomalies, including metal loss, cracks, geometry changes, mechanical damage, discontinuity, weld defects/anomalies and stress-strain condition.


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Successful Trial Test: Egyptian Petroleum Pipes Company (PPC)

In March 2019, El-Eman Inspection and Corrosion Services carried a trial inspection on a long segment of the "Mustorod - ElTebbein 16" pipeline, owned by the PPC, to show the accuracy of the results provided. PPC Inspection Department have verified the results against their present reports, and they were accurately matched.

PDF Testimony from PPC for the accuracy of the results obtained uring the trial.

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