FIRESTOP™ Coatings - Effective Fire Protection

Excalibur Shield Overview

Passive fire protection, as an important aspect of protecting people and property from fire aims to localize spreading of fire and thus considerably facilitate firefighting i.e. ensure lives and material goods.

Acting within a passive fire protection system, FIRESTOP coatings isolate and reduce the temperature of the building structures and significantly affect their fire characteristics - fire resistance.

FIRESTOP™ coatings are expanding (intumescent) coatings designed for effective fire protection of steel and wooden building structures. These modern thin-film coatings, which act within system of passive fire protection, are made by innovative technology with function to stop spreading of fire.

If case of fire, specially formulated FIRESTOP™ coatings react and form foam insulation that protects steel and wooden structures up to 120 min. In this way they provide necessary time for firefighters and rescue services for evacuation of people and minimize human and material damage.

Benefits of the FIRESTOP coatings

  • Exceptional performance: great fire resistance (certified at 30, 60, 90 and 120 min) at low film thickness; • Top quality: the uniform expansion of foam; good stability of formed insulator;
  • High ecological standards: water-based products with no halogens and synthetic solvents;
  • Competitiveness and efficiency: lower consumption compared to other fireproof coatings which results material savings and faster work;
  • Fast and easy application: directly from the package without further dilution; the interlayer drying few hours; easy repair of possible damage;
  • Durability: long exploitation life ;
  • Technical support to customers by the engineering team and training possibilities for contractors.

Exceptional performance of FIRESTOP coatings are tested and certified by the highest relevant national and international institutes and proven in real fire conditions.

FIRESTOP coatings have been applied in more than 600 buildings across Serbia, which confirmed them as number one choice in fire protection of building structures.

Visit Firestop Internacional Website.

Mechanism of Action

Intumescent coatings are combination of different compounds, which act together and form carbon foam, as a result of increased temperature in fire.

Foam reaches a thickness of 10 to 100 times greater than the initially applied coating and protects and insulates the construction with its low thermal conductivity.

Components of the coating react at relatively low temperatures (180-200°C) - effected by the flame, and release gases (at temperature around 250°C) which cause expansion.

The newly formed foam is a good insulator that provides protection of treated materials for certain period of time.

Fire Protection of Steel and Metal Elements

Due to its functionality, durability, cost of implementation and an unlimited choice of architectural solutions in building design, steel is one of the most commonly used materials in modern construction.

Steel structures are present in all areas of construction, from industrial buildings, factories and halls, to sports and cultural buildings, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, schools, hotels and office buildings.

However, in case of fire, in short period of time, unprotected steel can reach a critical temperature and loses stability and bearing capacity. This can result collapse of buildings and disastrous social and economic consequences.

Fire Protection of Steel and Metal Elements


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